Simulator Rental


Aaron’s simulator tracks ball flight using a Trackman. This radar encompasses a 3-Dimensional area of measurement, which means a golfer’s shot is tracked from the moment it leaves their club, all the way through for a total of 10ft. Traditional simulators on the other hand, employ a system of 2-dimensional frames, leaving gaps in data and only measuring for 1.5ft.  Best of all… Golfer’s can have food personally delivered to simulator from the Club’s Bar & Grill. There is also room to sit and relax with friends. Plus, we have bag storage for a small fee for those customers playing in our league or taking lessons.



Want to play a round on an Inner Quest simulator or join a league? Contact us today to book a tee time on our exclusive Inner Quest Golf simulator.
Simulator rental price is based on initial hour time slots after the first hour you then rent by the 1/2 hour. You may have up to 8 players with a room.
We do have club storage for a small fee of $25.
Monday – Sunday 24 hours
Mar. – Jan. $30 an hour
Jan. – Mar. $35 an hour