Golf Lessons

There are 4 straight forward lesson plans to choose from, all which can benefit anything a golfer hopes to achieve.

1. Hourly:
A student would pay a flat hourly rate for any number of lessons.
This plan is mostly purchased by an accomplished player looking for a tweak or fix to a specific problem.
2. Playing lesson:
The pros hourly rate for 9 or 18 holes and all greens fees apply.
This is a side by side lesson on a course with our pro. It covers rules, shot choices, uneven lies, and course risk easements. It also teaches how to track your stats to find strengths and weaknesses in your game.
This plan is usually purchased by a golfer that hits the ball well but struggles with lowering their score and what to practice on.
3. At home or on location:
Our pro would come out and assess the location where the lessons would take place. Then do an evaluation of the student and work out a plan of action and price. This plan can be combined with any one of the other plan.
This plan is widely used by people who work from home, busy executives and celebrities with limited time and privacy.
4. Goal Guaranteed Lessons:
Our pro will give you a free evaluation and based on your Golf IQ, provide a plan based on the goals you want to accomplish. We will give you a realistic time frame and guarantee you that you will reach your goal within that time or you may continue to take lesson until you achieve that goal; no extra cost, no up selling. This assures a student that our pro is invested in their success and not holding back to make more money. This plan also covers all playing lessons no matter how many; the only out of pocket cost would be the greens fees.
This is by far our most popular plan, because of it’s value and structure. It is used by a wide number of players of all skill levels.

Golfers choose to take lessons for a variety of reasons. Some players just want to be able to keep up with their boss, and may need some work on their short game.  Some players have aspirations of teeing off on the PGA® Tour, and need to refine every detail of their stroke to perfection. Some players are simply seeking out an enjoyable new hobby, and just want to hit the ball onto the fairway. Each type of golfer pursues lessons to reach their unique goal, and it is an instructors job to be sure that is the outcome, whatever that goal may be.

Golf lessons are widely available to players at most every golf course, country club and driving range in the world. For the most part, the lessons are structured in a very similar manner. Golf season rolls around, a player pays for a finite number of lesson hours or half-hours, heads out to the course’s range with an instructor, and that time is spent improving one’s golf game. It seems like a very straightforward process, but this design has become both overly standardized, and fairly limiting.

Traditional methods of golf instruction include several oversights that are crucial to effectively improving one’s golf game.


Mainly, they fail to recognize that each golfer has an individual set of needs, and ignore critical variables such as innate swing style, ideal club type, optimal learning technique, physical fitness and progression rate.

Traditional lessons tend to designate that golfers purchase a certain number of lesson hours/half-hours without first diagnosing the ailments in need of improvement. It is a bit like a doctor prescribing a treatment for an illness before the patient has even described his symptoms.

I structure my lessons differently, using a completely goal oriented approach. I understand that each individual golfer has an individual goal, and it is necessary to first define that goal in order to receive well-crafted and tailored instruction. Once the objective is defined, I can more accurately diagnose the obstacles keeping you from achieving it. We are then able to devise an appropriate plan to reach your goal. This may take five lessons, or it may take twenty-five lessons, it all depends on what specifically we are trying to accomplish. The amount of lessons necessary is not my focus, and to clear the air… it is also not a basis by which I assign price. Instead of just taking someones hard earned money, I evaluate whether or not I can help them, and if so, I enter into a partnership for their success by ensuring I’ll be there until they reach their goal.

During the instruction process, I am also sure to apply several innovative methods that traditional lessons have yet to implement. Most prominently, are you using the correct clubs?  (Please see the “Clubs & Equipment” section for the more in-depth information regarding this topic.)  Many golfers fall victim to the idea that custom clubs are solely for “serious” golfers. Worse even, many golfers do purchase custom clubs, and they are both ill fitting and have an entirely incorrect shaft flex. Improving your golf game becomes much more difficult when your equipment is working against you.

“I have cut an immeasurable number of strokes off of my students’ games merely by fitting them with the proper clubs.”, says Aaron Genton. An issue facing traditional lessons is that they must be carried out on the course or during the summer.  Now, while some golfers are lucky enough to reside in the “perpetually warm and sunny” climates of the world, many of us are not, putting us at a particular disadvantage in terms of when we can learn to golf.  The solution of course is to golf indoors.  Fortunately, Aaron has developed indoor fitness training and swing techniques to keep golfers occupied year round… even during a Pittsburgh winter. If you have the space, Aaron offers in-home training sessions. He has the unique ability to bring equipment to train you right in the comforts of your home or office. Aaron’s affiliation with The Club Sport and Health in Monroeville, PA includes a large indoor turf area where golfers can perfect short game as if they were on the course. The club also boasts a top of the line training facility where Aaron teaches a program tailored to enhance the specific muscle groups necessary to optimize a golfer’s success. The most unique and effective indoor training tool Aaron offers is his self-designed, one of a kind golf simulator. In addition to the indoor amenities, Aaron is affiliated with several golf clubs in the Pittsburgh area, so students can enjoy a variety of challenging playing lessons to ensure they have reached their goals.  Whether rain or shine, Aaron’s lessons offer many entertaining training options.