About Aaron

Since he first began picking up the stray golf balls at his driving range at age fourteen, Aaron and golf have been inseparable.  Aaron progressed rapidly from stray ball collector, to golf pro shop apprentice, where he was mentored about the physics of the golf swings and the inter-workings of golf equipment.

As his career evolved, Aaron received his certification from the U.S.G.T.F. (United States Golf Teaching Federation) and moved to Pittsburgh where he spent 12 years working in a pro-shop in Oakmont, PA.  He was able to learn the ins and outs of custom club fitting, as well as further craft his golf instruction skills.

As time went on, Aaron took notice of inaccuracies with the traditional methods being practiced.

  • Why are all female golfers automatically being fitted with a ladies flex shafts and clubs that are lower in quality?
  • Why are lessons a half hour instead of an hour?
  • Why aren’t playing lessons included in lesson plans?
  • Why aren’t pros invested in their students success?

Aaron couldn’t help but recognize that he could improve the way golfers choose their clubs and learn to play, so he set out to do just that.

Frequency Matching
In his pursuit to increase the accuracy of fitting individuals for custom clubs, he was able to find a system of Frequency Matching, which tests the custom shaft flex ideal for each individual golfer.  Not only has he deciphered how to effectively apply the results of Frequency Matching to custom equipment unlike other companies that say they can do the same, but he has developed a way to make the technology portable.  This means Aaron can properly fit a golfer for his set of custom clubs from the comfort of his own home, workplace, or golf course of choice.
Golf Simulator
Aaron’s remarkable vision for the future of golf is also exemplified through his self-designed one-of-a-kind indoor golf simulator.  Aaron engineered a simulator that allows golfers to hit the ball higher and replicates more realistic course conditions. The simulator utilizes a Flightscope launch monitor, which dramatically improves measurements of ball flight characteristics.Aaron loves the game of golf, not just for himself but for others as well. Sharing his knowledge and pursuing innovations is dear to him, because he wants others to avoid frustration, and enjoy the sport loved by so many.